Tokyo Property for all your real estate needs. We can support for any real estate need such as real estate investment, real estate planning and development, large store opening.


11/11/2015Job Vacancy

Colombo Fudosan seeks a staff urgently to start the operation in Colombo.

See Job Vacancy page.


Sri Lanka real estate development support

  • Colombo_TowerWant to start sale-in-lots business & housing development..
  • Want to open a business hotel…
  • Want to invest in a resort hotel…
  • Want to handle office building development…
  • Want to open a large scale retail store…
  • Want to build a factory…

We meet your demands of every real estate development such as housing, business hotels, resort hotels, offices, business space, shops, factories. Please consult us for anything from property search, all kinds of real estate development, condominium business and management agencies.

Business expansion support in Sri Lanka

  • Want to make a production base but property search seems difficult…
  • Want to ask from a reliable person about office spaces and rent agreements…
  • Want local lawyers and accountants introduced…

Business development utilizing Sri Lankan’s diligence and geopolitics merit such as production base and business base.

Sri Lanka inspection tour arrangements

  • Want to do a local inspection but have no idea how to look for lands…
  • What should be done with vehicle arrangements, guides and interpreters?

With the intention of ‘First of all want to inspect!’ we will make arrangements widely from local guides, interpreters to inspection vehicles. And we’re capable of arranging hidden hotspots that can’t be found in guidebooks such as sight-seeing spots and Sri Lankan cuisine.

Sri Lanka Real estate Investment Consulting

  • Would like to invest on a condominium…
  • Would like to ask for introduction of investment projects and consulting…

We are ready to consult widely from land searching to research, buying & selling support for those who are willing to invest on Sri Lanka’s real estate. And, feel free to contact us for management and accounting support after purchasing.

Support for company formation in Sri Lanka

  • What should be done about Company formation and opening bank accounts?
  • Want Accountants and lawyers introduced….

Since we have a leading local expert network, we’re capable of handling various things such as local incorporation formation, bank account opening, legal/accounts support.

About “Tokyo Property”

Tokyo Property (Pvt) Ltd is a Sri Lankan company established in 2016 to support any requirements related to real estate. Tokyo Property is also know as “Colombo Fudosan” in Japan as a nickname of the company.

Ken Urata, Representative of Tokyo Property (Pvt) Ltd. is engaged in business support in various fields of real estate, such as researches, brokerage, planning and development, sales support while using his wide range of experience and knowledge in the real estate sector.


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